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Mortgage lending and real estate financing companies in Indiana recognized that they had state and local issues that needed attention as well. To address these needs, they joined ranks in 1958, forming the Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association, Inc. (IMBA). Although closely affiliated with the national MBA, the state association works on an independent basis to improve and educate lenders in Indiana. Our mission statement is to provide services, support, and information to our members, and to promote sound and ethical business practices consistent with industry standards. In keeping with this purpose, the ultimate purpose of the IMBA is to:


Help, through its members, to serve the mortgage financing needs of the people of the state of Indiana.

  • As the voice of the mortgage industry, it shall, when appropriate, seek and support legislation beneficial to its membership and the general public; conversely, it shall openly and actively oppose legislation deemed to be harmful to its constituency.
  • It shall encourage and promote sound and ethical business practices among its members and in the real estate finance community at large.
  • It shall educate, train and inform its members of any/all practices and legislation currently relating to the mortgage industry and related businesses.
  • As a recognized community leader in Indiana, it shall provide a vehicle for the advancement of members of the real estate finance community, through active lobbying, educational forums, and the support and efforts of committees dedicated to the mission of the IMBA.

In an effort to bring the IMBA “closer to home,” an independent chapter was formed in July 1989, and the Greater Indianapolis Mortgage Bankers Association came into being. Following the basic guidelines and bylaws of the IMBA, the chapters work closely with the state association in order to be a stronger and more unified voice. In April 1991, members in the Fort Wayne area formed the Northeast Chapter. This was soon followed by the Duneland Chapter, serving the Merrillville/Valparaiso/LaPorte area; the Southwest Chapter encompassing Evansville and Vincennes; the South Central Chapter, which serves the Bloomington area, and our newest chapter, Michiana, which serves the South Bend metropolitan area in northern Indiana.

This is proving effective for our lending community. We are represented by our general counsel and a professional lobbyist during the legislative session, and throughout the year in dealing with regulatory issues. We are seeing more positive legislative initiatives concerning housing issues in Indiana, and are poised to oppose onerous legislative initiatives. We are becoming more recognized statewide, with an increased public awareness of the IMBA position. Educational seminars and events provide the training to assist our members in becoming knowledgeable, effective mortgage bankers. The state convention is the highlight of the year. Government agency regulatory information and legislative activities are forwarded to our members through timely e-mail updates, chapter meetings, industry forums, and our website. Interaction in the professional community is promoted and encouraged so IMBA members may meet and work with constituents in affiliated areas.

Dedicated committees have been formed to assist the Board of Directors further the goals of the IMBA. Through them, we communicate with legislative and governmental agencies, survey our members, provide educational opportunities, and enhance communication. United, we represent the strength of informed, concerned professionals who work together toward a common goal.

Become a part of a recognized community leader and share the goals, the concerns, and the achievements of a dedicated mortgage community.


Membership Rates

Lender Member: Corporate, $775; Individual, $275

A corporation, partnership, limited liability company, financial institution, sole proprietorship, or other business entity whose business, in whole or in part, involves the origination or servicing of mortgage loans or the investment in mortgage loans, or an individual whose employer’s business, in whole or in part, involves the origination or servicing of mortgage loans or the investment in mortgage loans provided that there shall not be more than three Individual Lender Members having the same employer with such business.

Vendor Member: $525

A Vendor Member is a corporation, partnership, Limited Liability Company, sole proprietorship or other business entity whose business is interested in mortgage lending that is not eligible for Lender Membership or Not-for-profit Membership in the association.

Not-for-profit Member: $250

A Not-for-profit Member is an entity whose business is interested in mortgage lending that has federal tax exempt status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code that is not eligible for lender or vendor membership.

Individual Affiliate Member: $150

An Individual Affiliate member is in individual whose business in interested in mortgage lending that is not eligible under the above categories. This category is limited to Realtors®, builders, homeowner’s insurance agents, financial planners and CPAs, except where prior approval is obtained by the State Board Membership Committee.


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