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Annual Partnership Program

The IMBA is pleased to be able to offer its "Annual Partnership Program" to members of our association!  This program provides member companies the opportunity to purchase event sponsorships, advertising, education, and, recognition & exposure throughout the year. It is an easy item to budget for on an annual basis with one payment to IMBA, and there are five (5) different package levels to choose from listed below.

Each package offers a different combination of items, and we designed this to fit all budgets. Additionally, we are open to work with companies to customize a program that will best fit their business needs within the framework of the overall program.

Program Benefits


  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Pearl
Investment   $5,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $750
Account credit to be used for attending IMBA events (1).   $750 $500 $300 $150 $0
Website link to your company site on landing page (scrolling).   Company Logo Company Logo Company Name Company Name Company Name
Quarterly INgage Newsletter advertising with link to preferred company website page (Partner to provide the artwork).   Yes YesYes No No
Website advertising on program page (Partner provides the artwork).   Yes Yes Yes No No
Opportunity for your company representative to be considered as a speaker at an IMBA event.   Yes Yes Yes No No
Include corporate logo in all new IMBA member event correspondence.   Yes Yes Yes No No
State Convention Sponsorship level credit to be utilized towards available options (2).   $2,000 $1,000 $750 $0 $0
General session speaker introduction at convention (where available).   Yes No No No No
Exhibit space at the convention.   Yes Yes Yes No No
Production Conference and Compliance Seminar (when applicable) recognition and exhibitor space.   Yes Yes Yes No No
Opportunity to write an article to be published in the quarterly INgage Newsletter.   Yes Yes No No No
Recognition at Annual President's Dinner.   Yes Yes No No No
Opportunity to be the Featured Member for a month on IMBA landing page and in quarterly INgage Newsletter or Featured Member e-mail (3).   Yes Yes No No No
Logo on website dedicated to Annual Partnership Program.   Yes Yes Name Only Name Only Name Only
Recognition with logo or name on Facebook and LinkedIn.   Logo Logo Logo Name Only
Name Only
Opportunity to distribute materials at an IMBA educational event.   Yes Yes No No No
IMBA membership list in Excel spreadsheet up to three times/year.   Yes Yes No No No

1) State to credit chapter for cost of local event and maintain the record of Partner credit used.            
2) Sponsor options for individual state-wide events will continue to be offered for companies not interested in the annual options.            
3) Featured member communications will go out monthly in between quarterly INgage newsletters, and will be on the IMBA landing page.            

Program Questions & Answers

What is the IMBA’s Annual Partnership Program (APP)?

The Annual Partnership Program is an opportunity for member companies to purchase advertising, education, association marketing, and event sponsorships within a single package. This is an annual commitment to the IMBA, and with one payment, receive recognition and exposure to our members all year long. Each package offers a slightly different combination of items. 

What are the investment options associated with the Program?

IMBA has created developed five separate levels of investment in the program from $750 to $5,000 to be able to provide opportunities for many companies to be able to take advantage of and budget for. Each level offers a different combination of benefits, and IMBA is open to tailoring a customized opportunity within the framework of the program. See Program Benefits.

Are the Annual Partner investments prorated throughout the year?

Yes. After January, the investment is reduced by 1/12 for each month through September. After, investments from October forward are at the full amount and good through 12/31 of the next year. 

Are membership dues included with this investment?

No, This program was designed to be separate from membership dues.

Can we use the credits with the partnership levels be used for IMBA PAC events?

No. Due to issues surrounding PAC regulations, this program is separate from any IMBA PAC activities.

Does this automatically renew each year?

No. This is a yearly program that expires on December 31st.

As a lender, what are the benefits for us to invest?

ü  Multiple channels for exposure of your company’s products and services throughout the year that include; IMBA’s website and social media sites

ü  These additional opportunities for exposure will provide your company to develop business beyond what singular meeting/event sponsorships have been able to do

ü  A single fee on an annual basis vs requests for multiple meetings and events, allowing for an easier budgeting process

ü  Credit for attending IMBA state and chapter meetings at most levels, including the State Convention

Finally, this program will ensure IMBA’s ability to offer the services we have been as our costs go up, along with yours, and will also provide IMBA with the opportunity to offer more services to our members with the increased resources. 

How can I apply for the Annual Partnership Program?

You can apply onlinedownload an application to submit or call the IMBA office at 812-537-1003.

Also, contributions, gifts, or other payments to IMBA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

Please note that as a member of the IMBA, your name, work address, phone number and email address information is available to other members within our database, however, access is not available to those outside IMBA.

Annual Partners

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