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Housing ADvocacy 


The Housing Advocacy Committee works with IMBA members across the state in each of our chapters, along with community service groups and other interested parties throughout Indiana to positively impact homeownership opportunities for the communities and families our members serve. The committee serves as both a liaison between our members and interested stakeholders in supplying information on programs, events and resources that are focused on supporting sustainable, affordable housing for Hoosiers. Additionally, the foundational work upon which this committee will focus includes, but is not limited to: communications, counseling, education and advocacy.

Consumer Information


  • In preparation for buying a house, it is a good idea to have a budget in place. That will help you determine what payment you are comfortable with. EssentIQ is a resource that is available to help you with this process.
  • NerdWallet also has a Free Budget Planner Worksheet.

Savings Plan

  • One of the best practices is to plan and prepare to have savings on hand for your home purchase
  • There are programs and organizations that will help with down payment assistance.  


  • Know your credit history -
    • Low and inaccurate credit scores can negatively affect the homebuying process
    • If you find inaccurate information on your credit report, contact the credit bureaus to have these removed

Down Payment Assistance Programs

State Programs

Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Home Ownership Program (HOP)

Grants for low to moderate income home buyers

Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA)

Grants for low- to moderate-income home buyers

Grants up to 6% of the purchase price of the home

Regional Programs

Bloomington - Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND)

Evansville - Community Action Program of Evansville (CAPE)

Evansville - Hope of Evansville

    Homebuyer Educational Tools

    Fannie Mae

    Freddie Mac




    Fannie Mae HomeView

    Freddie Mac Credit Smart

    FDIC Money Smart

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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