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The Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association is the sole trade association representing mortgage banking institutions in Indiana. Founded in 1958, its mission is to provide services, support and information to its members. The organization also promotes sound and ethical business practices consistent with industry standards.

In an effort to bring the organization “closer to home,” the IMBA has a robust chapter structure with chapters across the state that maintain their own governance and hold local events for members. Membership in the state organization qualifies your company to be active in any and all of the chapters.

We are represented by our legal counsel and lobbyist during the legislative session and throughout the year in dealing with regulatory issues. We also have a tremendous resource in the national Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington, D.C., whose support has been invaluable on numerous legislative and regulatory issues. In recent years we have seen more positive legislative proposals concerning housing initiatives in Indiana, and are ready and able to oppose onerous legislative initiatives. We are recognized statewide as the primary advocate for mortgage banking issues in Indiana.

The state convention is the highlight of our calendar, but educational seminars and events throughout the year provide training to make our members more knowledgeable, effective mortgage bankers. Government agency regulatory information and legislative activities are continually forwarded to our members by means of email updates, chapter meetings, industry forums, and our website. Interaction in the professional community is promoted and encouraged so IMBA members may meet and work with constituents in affiliated areas.

Want to get more involved? Our dedicated committees assist the Board of Directors further the Association's goals by communicating with legislative and governmental agencies, surveying our members, providing educational opportunities and enhancing communication.

United we represent the strength of informed, concerned professionals who work together toward common goals.

Become a part of a recognized community leader and share the goals, concerns and achievements of the dedicated mortgage community.

Lender Member: $995
A corporation, partnership, limited liability company, financial institution, sole proprietorship, or other business entity whose business, in whole or in part, involves the origination or servicing of mortgage loans or the investment in mortgage loans. Membership includes chapter affiliations.
Vendor Member: $735
A Vendor Member is a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship or other business entity whose business is interested in mortgage lending that is not eligible for Lender Membership or Not-for-Profit Membership in the association. Membership includes chapter affiliations.
Individual Lender Member: $595
An individual whose employer’s business, in whole or in part, involves the origination or servicing of mortgage loans or the investment in mortgage loans. There is a limit of three Individual Lender Members from one employer. Membership includes chapter affiliations.
Not-for-Profit Member: $450
An entity whose business is interested in mortgage lending that has federal tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code that is not eligible for Lender or Vendor membership.  Membership includes chapter affiliations.
Individual Affiliate Member: $150
An Individual Affiliate Member is an individual whose business is interested in mortgage lending that is not eligible under the above categories. This category is limited to real estate agents, builders, homeowners insurance agents, financial planners and CPAs, except where approved by the Board of Directors. Membership includes chapter affiliations.

Prorated Dues Beginning on May 1
Applications submitted between May 1 – Dec. 31, 2024, provide membership through Dec. 31, 2025. Pro rata fees are listed below:

  • Lender Company $1,490
  • Individual Lender $890
  • Vendor $1,100
  • Not-for-Profit $675
  • Individual Affiliate $225

Membership Questions & Answers

Who are members of the IMBA?
There are approximately 110 member companies across the state. Within this membership there are mortgage banks, commercial banks, savings and loans, mortgage brokers, private mortgage insurance companies, credit unions, title companies, credit service providers, appraisers, flood companies, attorneys and nonprofit housing agencies.

Where is IMBA?
IMBA has seven active chapters throughout the state including the Greater Indianapolis, Merrillville, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Evansville and Terre Haute. Membership is at the state level, but members can attend chapter events anywhere in the state.

Are there many meetings and events?
At the state level IMBA has at least one event per quarter, and each event includes educational and networking opportunities. These statewide events include the Annual Convention, Production Conference, Compliance Seminar and Technology Conference.

We also offer a Future Leaders Class two times each year. This program is designed for employees who are new to the industry and provides a comprehensive education into the basics of the mortgage lending history and process.

Each chapter also has regularly scheduled meetings that include education, market updates, networking, philanthropy and fun.

My company already belongs to the Indiana Bankers Association. Why should we also belong to the IMBA?
IBA is an excellent organization that represents the interests of its banking members. However, IMBA is focused solely on mortgage banking needs and issues. The IBA works with and looks to IMBA for expertise, representation, and lobbying with Indiana legislators and regulators.

Outside of meetings, how am I kept informed as to what is going on in the mortgage lending industry?
IMBA has a quarterly newsletter and members also receive updates on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues, industry news and events, national MBA issues/actions, training opportunities and what is going on in other parts of the state.

How have IMBA’s lobbying efforts helped me and my business recently?
IMBA has been successful in stopping recently proposed legislation that would have reduced lending opportunities in the state of Indiana, including legislation that would have placed additional burdens on lenders for property taxes on newly constructed homes. We also supported legislation that increases the regulation and oversight of foreclosure consultants outside of depository institutions.

What’s involved in the membership process?
Membership applications are presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval at their monthly meeting. To be considered, potential members need to submit a completed application and dues payment.

Contact Us:

@ Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association

8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd, Ste 155e

Indianapolis, IN  46240

Office: (317) 333.7146

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