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Since 2015, IMBA's Future Leaders Program has offered comprehensive training for members in all major components of mortgage banking, spanning from the industry's history to origination, servicing and payoffs.

The next class will be held in fall 2024.

Future Leaders Program Curriculum

The IMBA Future Leaders Program consists of nine modules taught by industry professionals who are/were responsible for this function and have a proven track record of success and knowledge of the subject. 

Industry Overview & How the Modules Fit Together
This module will briefly explore the history of the mortgage industry and IMBA, with a focus on the development of the mortgage banking and government legislation/regulation in housing finance. Also included is a discussion on how all the pieces of the ‘mortgage puzzle’ fit together for success in today’s environment.

This module will go over the different channels of mortgage origination; retail, wholesale and correspondent, and the issues/challenges surrounding the successful origination of mortgage loans in the market. Also, the back-office support and systems surrounding processing, underwriting and closing will be discussed.

Dealing with the complex issues of servicing mortgage loans from the point of funding through payoff will be addressed, including the overlays of industry regulations from the federal as well as state and local governments.

Covered in this module will be effective underwriting for default risk management and the avoidance of buybacks. This will include conventional as well as government loans in today’s environment with regard to QM, Fair Lending and Disparate Impact.

Secondary Marketing
Secondary marketing has been a key of successful mortgage banking historically and has recently been the subject of many controversies. In this module participants will learn how the secondary market function works to develop pricing for various products from investor sources, as well as lender portfolios.

Vendor Management/Settlement Services
Meeting the needs of consumers involves many industry players, and vendor relationships is an important part of mortgage banking. How to work effectively in this will be addressed by professionals in these industries.

This extremely important module will focus on understanding and working effectively within the framework of federal and state regulations as well as meeting consumer and market needs. As compliance has taken on a whole new meaning in these last few years and will continue to evolve beyond today.

Legislative and Regulatory Relations/Issues
The historical and current state of the legislative and regulatory environment at both the federal and state levels will be discussed. Also, a lot of time will be allocated to the future of this with the impact of the FHFA and the CFPB on the mortgage industry for lenders and vendors alike.

Management/Leadership/Ethics – ‘Big Picture’
Leading in today’s environment is both challenging and dynamic! The solutions are identifying and implementing key leadership skills within an ethical framework. In this module we will identify and discuss key leadership skills that impact the bottom line, along with an interactive discussion on ethics. Also, students will hear from an industry veteran whose view of the ‘Big Picture’ will inspire and provide insight to those attending! The instructor will discuss our industry’s place in the economy contribution to our culture.

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